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Albums for the President

We appreciate the occasions when with albums we emphasize the importance of our unusual, important events. One of them was the annual, charity Presidential Ball in Opole. The ceremony was attended by Mr. President of the Polish Republic and the First Lady. Their presence was to emphasize the importance of social sensitivity and kindness, which should be followed for the needy who are ill or poor. Occasional photo albums documenting the event were prepared to commemorate this event.

We are honored that we were the ones who created them. We made every effort dictated by experience and reliability to make our product emphasize the uniqueness of the ball by its quality and appearance.

The album had a cover in navy blue p7. Its great looks was assured by delicate texture of the material, which was barely perceptible at your fingertips. On the cover we placed decorative engravings with engraved logo with the date and the name of the event.

The whole was magnificent! The simplicity and the best materials used in production, gave albums upscale look and chic, which satisfied the highest requirements of connoisseurs of this type of products.