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Terms & Conditions

I Terms and conditions.

Greenfly Album Service is the owner and producer of the Greenfly make. The service works at several internet domains, namely: www.albumy4u.eu, www.albumy.pro, www.greenfly.eu. They deal with distribution and sale of the products made by Greenfly brand.

1.      Rules regarding orders of photo albums and accessories.

1.1    Each web page of Greenfly Albums features downloadable free of charge FlyDesigner application. The computer program FlyDesigner sends the order to the address of the server of Greenfly Albums as soon as an album is created. Unfolding the message about the received order is considered to be the beginning of the waiting time for the ordered product.

1.2    The computer program FlyDesigner is the property of the Greenfly Albums Service. Any copying or processing of the application without the owner’s consent is a breach of law.

1.3    The moment of placing an order is determined by the moment of filling in the order form correctly and sending it over together with the created project of the album. Ready products shall be sent to the address as it appears in the form.

1.4    The Greenfly Albums Service stipulates the right to turn down an order in the case of wrong and incomplete data in the order form, e.g. lack of phone number or email address.

1.5    The act of sending the order constitutes the moment of initiation of the execution of the order. Since that moment there is no possibility of making changes and corrections in the order.

1.6    Delivery service is launched after forwarding an order. The ordered goods shall reach the destination within fortnight. If the ordered album is available beforehand the dispatch immediately follows the booking. In the case of COD (cash on delivery) orders the goods are sent immediately after completion of the production of the album.

1.7    There is a possibility of getting VAT invoice for the purchased album. It takes opting in and providing required details in the registration service.

1.8    The Greenfly Album Service stipulates the right to change prices of their goods.

1.9    All prices on the web page are given in the currency of PLN and include VAT.

1.10 Delivery cost is covered by the ordering party.

1.11 Delivery cost is added to the price of the order:

courier – about 25 euro;

1.12 If the parcel is damaged, the ordering party has to open the parcel with a witness from the post office and sign the report of damage. The report constitutes the basis for making a complaint against the delivery. If the said report is not provided, GreenFly shall not acknowledge the complaint.

1.13 After placing an order it can be collected in person without delivery costs only and exclusively by appointment with the notice given via phone or email. Contact details are attached to each web page which deals with the products of the Greenfly Albums brand.

1.14 The client shall not decline the purchased album or return it and expect refund because of changing their mind.

1.15 If the client finds any faults in the purchased albums, it is obligatory to get in touch with the service in the web page where the order was initiated. After a phone or email agreement the product has to be sent back via post office. A note about the fault should be attached to the product. Then the complaint of the faulty product shall be considered. The faulty album or its parts shall be replaced for a new one or the money shall be returned. Greenfly Albums shop do not accept any COD deliveries.

1.16 We do not consider complaints caused by the difference in the look of the goods caused by the different settings of the client’s monitor.

2 Protection of clients’ personal data.

2.1 The personal data which are acquired during the shop’s activity are secret. In no circumstances and in no form shall they be revealed to third parties – according to the law from 29 AUG 1997 about protection of personal data. According to this law clients have the right to view and update their data as well as the right to claim their withdrawal from use.

3 Changes to the terms and conditions.

3.1 The present terms and conditions have been binding since 1 JAN 2009. The Greenfly Albums shop stipulates the right to change the terms and conditions. Changes shall be announced on the due web pages without notice. Changes shall be binding from the day of the announcement. All orders made before the date of changes to the terms and conditions are fulfilled according to the rules binding on the day of making the order.


We may use your email address to provide you with the current offers from greenflyalbums.pl. We shall not share your email address with anyone willing to send you other offers of goods and services. Our policy is about granting you a transparent and easy way of declining particular email messages from your inbox.

1.      We may display links to pages from other companies, where you shall be able to provide other brands with your personal data at your convenience. We recommend reading their terms and conditions and their privacy policy to learn how your personal information is dealt with.

2.      We use cookies to collect data which may be used to enhance efficiency and quality of our services for you. If you wish you may switch the cookies off, but this may cause malfunctions to the viewed site of greenflyalbums.pl. Other companies who deal with advertisement can also collect information (without identification of the given person) from you about the visited site via cookies. We encourage you to read those privacy policies, when you have any doubts about storing information about you.

3.      Children under 13 must not use our service and must not register with us and send personal data. Youth between 13 and 17 should not send any information about themselves via internet (including our site) without consent of parents or guardians.