Do you want to order an album? It is easy! Download free program to create an album project. Owing to this program you can choose type of album, cover, engraving and a colour of passe partout pages. Upload pictures, choose your preferred frame layout. Draw pictures to empty frames, crop and you album is ready.

Successful program installation may require removing and uninstalling previous version of the application. On completion save your album project. You can also export the preview of each centerfolds for you client in jpg. format. To place the order click „order”. You can order your pictures online – photos with a preview are sent to our server. You can also save your project on your dick, copy on a CD and send it to our address. To place the order you have to be registered.

Program for Windows verison:


version Greenflyalbums 2.0

For those who work on the Macintosh system, I suggest download the frame of our albums in the png format. In frame (in Photoshop) insert a picture with a 3 mm margin (around the frame) and send us not flattened (layers). Please number files, from the first page to the last with additional the name of the frame. You tell us how should look like a cover.

Pages frame in “.png” format

This program allows you to customize your album by yourself. First step is to choose type of your album, size and cover type.
At this point you can also decide about the engraving on the cover and colour of the pages.



Upload pictures, pictures can be sorted according to name, date of adding, usage.
Upload (drag) your preferred mat boards from a library on the left side. Mat boards – a layout of frames on a single page.


Into these mat boards you will drag preferred photos from the library on the right side.View of the album after uploading and cropping pictures.



Crop picture.

In order to keep up the settings for stretching or shrinking of the picture push the Shift button.